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Article: Skills Portal 2018

Sharon is gifted in her intuitive ability, this being her inner tool as she journeyed through the corporate environment for over 22 years. She established good business acumen and excellent people skills within the Financial Management, Recruitment, Human Resources and Labour Law fields, all on management levels.

Her life has been a journey since birth, having to deal with her own pain and disappointment in life, only having herself to rely on at the time. She accessed her inner power, connected with life changing people, travelled to Hawaii and connected with her soul purpose in life.

Through this personal journey she came to understand her global purpose and desire for a more holistic approach for personal and sustainable business development. Through people engagements, the power in the “Now” using a neuroscience, collaboration and co-creation with like-minded teams, she co-creates a new culture of design thinking for individuals and organisations to live their purpose.

She lives her philosophy of true collaboration and co-creation by connecting people and businesses through her “big picture” vision and inspiring others to find purpose and love for all aspects of life.  Individual purpose, business purposed aligned to create a greater purpose enables fulfilment and impact.

Being a woman, a passion is Women Empowerment engagements, connecting and realigning Body, Mind and Spirit/Soul. She is a Speaker at many Women events and facilitates life changing and inspiring engagements which leave women feeling excited to embrace a new level of empowerment. Women are the nurturers of humanity and play a pivotal role in sustainable development globally.

She is a certified Trauma and Stress Release Exercise (TRE) facilitator, an Advanced Life Alignment facilitator, specialising in Home, Business and Organisational Alignment.

She journeys deep into the challenges people, businesses and organisations face, enhancing potential through mindful interventions and her vibrant positive energy, bringing clarity around purpose & action steps in living in purpose.

“By focusing on the desired outcome of Self, the Business, everyone wins. The alignment of personal purpose & business purpose has to take place in order to achieve a collective desired outcome”

An added advantage I offer is, a massive pool of experienced global specialists, if I am unable to assist the client, I am able to refer my client, to a trusted colleague who is able to access further opportunities for the client, be it in Mentoring, Sales, HR, Recruitment, Labour Law or New Business Development.

An integrated Well-Being element is a common thread in the Chandramala offerings, as we work with the interconnectedness of personal and business.”

Sharon, brings Heart and Soul into all engagements

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