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Our Four Engagement Interventions

Wellness Programmes

Bringing Purpose alive through strategic Wellness Engagements enabling a new culture of sustainable development, innovation and co-creation.

Wellness is an integrated process of sustainable engagements where education, wellness and experiential programmes are facilitated by well experienced Wellness Facilitators. We work with the entire person, body, mind & spirit. By incorporating the wholeness of the individual we are able to positively impact not only the individual, but society, the economy and our environment. Individuals will experience a deep, life enhancing and transformative process that will indirectly ripple into the systemic field and they shall be equipped to maintain this level of being. It is also intended that individuals participating, bring into their day to day rhythm and conversations, a common language for supporting each other around staying fresh, resilient and committed to their purpose.

All our programmes are multi-dimensional:

Mindful Journaling and Reflective Processes, Laughter, Trauma & Stress Release Exercises (TRE), Life Alignment, Embracing the Power of Colour, Emotional Freedom Technique, Meditation, Personal Purpose Processes, Reflective Journaling, Iridology, Boogie Boarding, Art Creations, Music Making, Chinese Medicine, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Nutrition, Talking Circles, Complimentary Treatments, Yoga and many more wellness offerings

Coaching & Renewal

An environment of Engagement and Motivation is a state of being – Body, Mind and Spirit where people and an organisation find Purpose and a place of belonging. Design Thinking facilitates the engagement and empowerment of individuals and teams to co-create in a supportive  and mentoring environment.

A series of in depth engagements with an individual or team, where we uncover the root causes holding people back from living their full potential.

Our process uses enquiry based coaching processes and questions through the vehicle of conversation and is primarily a reflective journey on Self and discovering and locating what elements and actions will empower oneself to implement the appropriate and relevant actions steps. Many types of empowering questions are posed to participants in supportive frameworks around what will create long term health and wellbeing within all contexts, including physical, emotional, social and spiritual realms. The focus is both personal and professional so conversation will focus into aspects relating to personal realities as well as professional spheres. Following the coaching circle sessions, individuals go and implement self-selected action steps in their lives and workplace environment to incrementally track a process of reaching for an improved effectiveness on all levels including performance, health, relationships, mind-set and a range of other important domains.

A Thriving Culture and Environment enables innovation and co-creation for sustainable results.

What is the essence of your Culture and Environment?

Inspirational Events

Our events incorporate an Educational, Sustainable Development, Enterprise Development, Entrepreneurial, CSI, Inspirational & Environmental element. Events which are impact investments to the sustainability of an organisation.

We connect and engage through storytelling and inspiration from the heart with purpose and passion, impacting both the individual and the organisation. Social Leadership is the core and we align to the organisation’s strategy with our event bringing depth and shared value. We thrive on fun, energising, experiential engagement and unique custom designed events in alignment to your Vision and current Objectives.

Engagement & Alignment

At this fast-changing time, organisations need to reposition themselves and their people, become more agile and accelerate their leadership, to meet global challenges. Designing a compelling and meaningful working environment requires a new strategy of Engagement, Culture and Leadership programmes. An innovative approach with new tools where the individual, the collective group and organisation’s purpose and vision has impact  globally.

We engage in mindful strategy facilitation through the practice of prescencing to uncover hidden potential and realign individuals and organisations, create network and empowered teams to meet challenges and steer the organisation. An attitudinal shift and conscious strategy with the support of people analytics is required, own our social leadership responsibility – a leader within an organisation, home, family, community or society. We are all leaders, the level of influence we have is what will yield the most sustainable impact.

Design Thinking and Innovation is birthed and ignited within network teams, allowing for organisations to flourish in amplified ways, creating thriving ecosystems.

Programmes include:

“Purposeful Leadership”

“Harnessing the Power of Colour”

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