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Engagement Interventions

Coaching & Renewal

An environment of Engagement and Motivation is a state of being – Body, Mind and Spirit where people and an organisation find Purpose and a place of belonging. Combining proven coaching methodoligies and nature, creates a deeper and more lasting impact on individuals and teams, supporting them to transmute many challenges they were experiencing as they begin to realise their collective purpose.

A series of in depth engagements with an individual or team, where we uncover the root causes holding people back from living their full potential.

Our process uses enquiry based coaching processes and questions through the vehicle of conversation and is primarily a reflective journey on Self and discovering and locating what elements and actions will empower oneself to implement the appropriate and relevant actions steps.

A Thriving Culture and Environment enables innovation and co-creation for sustainable results.

What is the essence of your Culture and Environment?

Biophillia within the Workspace

What is Biophillia?

The speed of technological advancement is quite shocking. You have not been left behind, and, alongside this rapid evolution, nature (forests, parks and areas of greenery) is being harnessed for our good. Dedicated teams in cities, towns and communities around the world are working tirelessly to reconnect us with nature. Without which, most of the technological advancements would not be sustainable. Being in nature creates the “wellness” to take us forward.

It is known that nature has a positive, physical affect on us. Micro organisms enter our bodies through our skin and lungs whenever we are in close proximity to trees and plant life. They drop our cortisol levels and set up cell changing events. Collectively, these events are called the Biophillic Response – a positive, physical, measurable event that takes place within us. Spend enough time in or around nature and you will alter bodily disease in significant ways.

When not in sight of trees or plant life, we hat it’s like to feel the cool breeze of the forest on our skin, smell the aromatherapy of the trees and experience dappled light striking our eyes as we gaze upwards towards the tree canopy. (As you read the last sentence, you are experiencing a mild Biophillic response) That is the power of the human body to create (from thought alone) a Biophillic response. This is the basis of meditation, visualisation and changing your cellular structure through thought alone.

Introduce a lifelike, high resolution image of nature into your environment and you will significantly increase the positive impact of the “thought” of nature on your being.  We’ve only had a generation or two of adapting to a “visually saturated” world, sufficient enough though to be positively and instantly affected by high quality images.

The visual world requires a different set of rules to affect change. If you are dominated by negative thoughts and images, the statement “that’s no longer my focus” in relation to a particular thought is sufficient to begin a shift to more valuable thoughts. By allowing images and pictures to inform us (we said YES to the T’s & C’s of our social media accounts) it makes sense then that we associate ourselves, wherever possible, with the highest quality and most positively stimulating imagery we can lay our eyes on. Where good intention prevailed in the moment the shutter was opened, allowing light onto the camera sensor, to imprint the image on our minds forever.

Nick Carroll has over 20 years experience behind the camera. Pushing the boundaries of technical excellence has brought him to a point where anything is possible and doable.

In between photographic projects, he worked in new business development and management within different sectors worldwide including communications and retail. It was during this corporate and private work that he realised the potential of picture making to communicate permanent change on much deeper levels within organisations.

Included as visuals in his specialised training and coaching programs, his images have driven massive change in the FMCG sector, underpinning the basics at junior level – to prepare people for real growth and reminding senior management of what they already possess, enabling them to unlock their own full potential as well as that of everyone in their immediate circles of influence.

The forest photography work is extraordinary in that it taps existing physical energy, directing it to places where it is needed most. There is no replacement for physical contact with forests (nature) as this is where the most intense Biophillic response can be experienced. Knowing that our world is divided, (we can tread the path of recovery or continue to disregard the warnings) Nick is absolutely certain that the right state of mind is the only platform from which to  spearhead recovery. As such, the forest imagery is designed to raise positive energy in all who come into contact with them, triggering ancient brain memories of how integrated and at one we were with nature and that it is all possible again, now!

These images talk directly to the blight of stress in our personal and professional lives. Few people reveal how stress affects them as it is seen as a sign of weakness, consequently, suffering takes place largely in vaults of personal darkness. These extremely detailed images are filled with every nuance of shadow and light, which, by all accounts, exist in each one of us. The shadowy and dark areas in particular are seductive in the way they draw you in, with the knowledge that there is nothing to fear in nature – that the shadowy areas are equally stimulating, in different and necessary ways.

Nick has spent hundreds of hours taking pictures in forests and describes the experience as “being immersed in the safest place I know that always raises my energy and strips away the busy mind. I am only then reminded that I have as much right to be on this earth as anyone else”

The effect of being immersed in a forest can plainly be seen in this work as it is only when you are completely present, and in your right mind, that you can make a picture that people are going to be able to “see”.

Engagement & Alignment

At this fast-changing time, organisations need to reposition themselves and their people, become more agile and accelerate their leadership, to meet global challenges. Designing a compelling and meaningful working environment requires a new strategy of Engagement, Culture and Leadership programmes. An innovative approach with new tools where the individual, the collective group and organisation’s purpose and vision has impact  globally.

We engage in mindful strategy facilitation through the practice of prescencing to uncover hidden potential and realign individuals and organisations, create network and empowered teams to meet challenges and steer the organisation. An attitudinal shift and conscious strategy with the support of people analytics is required, own our social leadership responsibility – a leader within an organisation, home, family, community or society. We are all leaders, the level of influence we have is what will yield the most sustainable impact.

Design Thinking and Innovation is birthed and ignited within network teams, allowing for organisations to flourish in amplified ways, creating thriving ecosystems.

Specialised Programmes:  

Level 1

  • Leading Self – Personal Mastery & Personal Branding
  • Leading Others – Awareness & Activation of Hidden Potential
  • Leading Business – Optimising Environments & Channels

Level 2                                                                                                                                                                           

  • Organisational Centricity & Culture – Aligning to Purpose & Personal Mastery
  • Communication & Conflict Resolution – Uncovering the Real Truth
  • Leading Customer Excellence – Influential LeadershipClient Relationship – WOW Factor – Intuitive Leadership & Innovation

6 Critical Principles Covered in all Programmes:

  1. Presencing
  2. Alignment to Purpose & Vision
  3. Empathy
  4. Art of Conversation
  5. Access Higher Potential
  6. Foresight & Innovation


  • Cross Group Collaboration and Alignment
  • Entrepreneurial Thinking and Innovation
  • Personal Leadership and Individual Ownership
  • Brand Ambassadors Aligned to Business Vision
  • Higher Future Potential for the Self and Business

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