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We are living in an increasingly toxic world with a variety of environmental stressors and pollutants that are harmful to our energy frequency, such as our electronic devices that are part of our everyday life, our mobile phones, computers, Wi-Fi, microwaves, pollutants in the air, our food, water and even electromagnetic radiation from external sources such as power lines and mobile phone towers.

Life Alignment uses the Vortex technology, which consists of a Vortex mat and small magnetic ‘cards’, each with its unique energy frequency and purpose, assisting the transformation of trauma and blocked energy to  bring harmony and balance to the body and environments.

Along with a practitioner, this Vortex technology can be used on the body in a personal session, in your home or business when there is a desire to achieve clarity of Purpose, a new perspective of our realities, and the ability to reignite our visions and dreams to achieve the life that we desire. Often we are unable to achieve these desires due to blockages, emotionally, mentally and physically, which are influenced by our energy frequencies being out of alignment.

This powerful yet gentle process enables us to access hidden potential

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