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home alignment

With so many environmental energy pollutants that are harmful to the balance of our personal energy frequency, such as our electronic devices, our mobile phones, computers, Wi-Fi, microwaves, pollutants in the air, our food, water, and it’s important to understand that we are connected to our homes and environments on an energy level, and these factors, and many others will determine whether our environment is conducive to a fulfilling and balanced life.

Added to that, natural disturbances in the Earth like Geopathic stress from underground water, fault lines, grid lines, underground cavities and certain mineral concentrations, as well as man-made disturbances to the earth’s magnetic field caused by mining, excavation for tall buildings, underground transport systems, quarries and public utilities, ALL influence the energy frequencies of our homes, and therefor on each of us due to our inter-connectedness.

Everything in the universe is composed of energy or atoms that are constantly vibrating. Life Alignment uses the Vortex technology, which consists of a Vortex mat and small magnetic ‘cards’, each with its unique energy frequency and purpose, assisting the transformation of trauma and blocked energy to  bring harmony and balance to the home and environments.

This Vortex Technology is a revolutionary vibrational healing system that transmutes the geopathic stress and environmental toxins into beneficial frequencies that strengthen the energy field, positively energise our buildings, food and water, for personal healing, and for protection from electromagnetic fields created by electronic devices such as cell-phones, Wi-Fi etc. It addresses sick building syndrome, environmental toxins, interpersonal relationships and many other issues that are reflected in the spaces in which we live and work, to create uplifting, harmonious environments.

How it works

Home Alignment examines the relationship and energy connection of the occupant(s) with their home and environment and identifies which aspects of their lives are affected by the dynamics due to any distorted or blocked energy flow. These might include family, relationships, money, career, creativity, self-development, or life purpose.

Working from a simple floor plan, problem areas are identified and cleared using a variety of balancing processes with the Vortex Cards and Mat, and these specific balancing techniques restore a positive energy flow throughout the space. It may indicate the need for altering the layout, clearing clutter, or even just introducing a colour to a particular room.

It’s an enlightening experience, working alongside your Home Alignment practitioner to create a balanced, peaceful and attractive environment in which to live and work, which not only has a positive effect on our health and relationships, but from my experience as even altered the ‘value’ of a property when ready to be sold.

Where is your home's Heart Centre?

What is your home's Heart Centre vibrating at?


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