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business/organisational alignment

Life Alignment uses the Vortex technology, which consists of a Vortex mat and small magnetic ‘cards’, each with its unique energy frequency and purpose, and when brought into a “therapy” process, assist with the transformation of trauma and blocked energy to  bring harmony and balance to the body and environments.

This Vortex technology can be used on the body in a personal session, in your home or business when there is a desire to achieve clarity of Purpose, a new perspective of our realities, and the ability to reignite our visions and dreams to achieve the outcomes that we desire, for personal, business and global sustainability.

Business/Organisation Alignment specifically, is a powerful methodology for achieving strategic change in any business, charity or social enterprise. This unique and practical system identifies and helps clear the conscious and often unconscious blockages, beliefs and patterns within the business and its employees that prevent them developing more successfully. It even highlights possible relationship challenges with external parties such as clients and suppliers, which may be having an influence on the wider success of the business.

Working with a business’ executive team through a dialogue process, this is slightly different to an individual Life Alignment process. We work with the Vision & Mission Statements, current challenges & objectives; identify what needs to manifest & what is blocking this manifestation, clearing the blocks using a variety of balancing processes with the Vortex Cards and Mat. These specific balancing techniques restore a positive energy flow throughout the space and the individuals, which is crucial for change to occur, and for long-term sustainability and business growth.

Whatever the concept of “business growth” or sustainability means for you as a business owner or executive, it’s a beneficial, strategic exercise to not only acknowledge and understand the energy of your business and team, but to identify the external energy frequencies influencing the growth and success of your business which an Business/Organisational Alignment will highlight, in order for you to achieve that sustainable success.  

Business/Organisational Alignment is a conscious and strategic process, where we work on the energetic foundation and field of the organisation. This engagement process facilitates the identification of root causes as to why the organisation is faced with specific challenges. These challenges requires an innovative approach, facilitating a personal journey for the individual and a collective journey for the organisation. Shifting both the individual and organisation to a new level of collaboration and co-creation within the organisation.  Team networks focused on specific challenges, an environment encouraging collaboration and innovation where design thinking is in practice,  creating sustainable results.

A  Business/Organisation has the collective ability and strength of their people and systems, to impact society, creating a new consciousness around business. This fresh, engagement facilitation offers upliftment and brings people and organisations into greater purpose.

We address:

Teams, Departments & Divisions, Ecosystem, Game Changers, Financial, Marketing, Potential Clients, Impact Investments, Sustainable Growth, People Engagement, Leadership and Social Leadership, Neurological Beliefs or Blocks, Strategic Team Retreats, Innovative & Co-Creative Art, Feng Sui and Creating a Legacy

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