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business/organisational alignment

An organisational practise model suited for all size businesses across the business spectrum with a unique and highly success rate, positively impacting individuals and businesses. At Chandramala, we make use of the scientific alignment methodology, as pioneered by Dr Jeff Levin, architect and an international authority in the field of Energy Medicine and tap into global thought leader principles.

These principles allow us to identify the root cause of emotions surrounding internal cognitive thought processes and implement the positive growth into a diverse corporate business framework.

Using emotional evolution aligned to sound economic principles equates to the formulation of a progressive, empirically proven technique, directly aligned to improving Organisational Culture, Client Centricity, Customer Service Excellence, Conflict Resolution as well as building and sustaining Client Relationships, both internally & externally.

The alignment process, a leading edge approach, brought into a business structure allows for effective congruence by tapping into a client’s sub-consciousness; thus freeing up internal roadblocks, augmenting cohesive behaviour and providing a seamless transition. This process allows the employees to express their inner strengths through their work and dilute negative energy, thought patterns or behaviours.  

This methodology has helped break down the ‘silo factor’ often seen in business sectors, and the strategic development process identifies means to reconnect and rebuild business alignment, creating more harmony and oneness between departments, paving the way for purposeful action.

“Human nature is to strive further, carve out a piece of internal paradise and become pioneers in what we do,” adds Sinclair.


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