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business/organisational alignment

Business/Organisational Alignment  is a powerful methodology for achieving strategic change in any business, charity or social enterprise. This unique and practical system identifies and helps clear the conscious and often unconscious blockages, beliefs and patterns within the business & teams that prevent them flourishing. It even highlights possible relationship challenges with external parties such as clients and suppliers, which may be having an influence on the wider success of the business.

Working with a business’ executive team through a dialogue process, we work with the Vision & Mission Statements, current challenges & objectives; identify what needs to manifest & what is blocking this from happening, bringing an understanding to the challenges & creating a positive successful action steps forward. The process and technique restores a positive energy flow throughout the space and the individuals, which is crucial for change to occur, and for long-term sustainability and business growth.

This offers a fresh perspective, practical approach in order to accomplish the desired outcome or objective. We work with the energetic foundation and energy field of the business. The core purpose is to open the flow for the business and each individual who is connected to the business, aligning them to their highest potential and ability. Enabling co-creation for sustainable results.

Areas we address:

Marketing, Clients, Potential Clients, Vision and Mission vs Action Strategy, People Analytics, Personal Purpose, Business Purpose, Incubation Businesses, Culture & Environment, Social Leadership & Responsibility, Products & Services, Sustainability and Collaboration

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