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life alignment

Kathy Brüggemann – Snr Manager at Travel Agency

My journey with Sharon and Life Alignment has in essence been one from absolute chaos and panic, to one of accountability and calm. The experience of aligning my body to my emotions and experiences has helped me tremendously to deal with current challenges and past life experiences much more effectively than any other therapy means. Being able to tune in, forced to acknowledge emotions and the guidance and tools provided by Sharon have honestly changed my outlook on every day. She is a blessing and encouragement to me daily!

Sharyn Driver – Owner at Releasing Limits

I was desperate and unhappy when I contacted Sharon and after my first session I felt like I had power over the situation and viewed it differently. The process was amazing as I was able to see from my point of view what was happening to me. I was grateful that I wasn’t told what to do, I made those decisions for myself.
Sharon was so patient and with her questioning she managed to get to the cause of my unhappiness. Sharon was so empathetic and understanding however firm in steering me in the right direction to get to the “work”. Life Alignment, it’s amazing process and the positive changes in my life changed all my relationships and situations for the better.

Celeste Stewart – Owner at Bold Curiosity

After meeting Sharon and hearing more about her business, I was very keen to try the life alignment session with her. I was also at an interesting space in my business – feeling like I needed to grow and expand but also feeling very overwhelmed by the prospects.

Sharon immediately picked up on some of my history, things in my past that affected me in the present and how it shows up. It was weird because even though I always ‘felt it’, I could never clearly articulate what was happening inside me.  The best part of the life alignment session was Sharon could help me identify where I was spending all my energy and how I could redirect some of that energy, to help me achieve my life and business goals (the two are integrated, not separate). Sharon has a natural ability to understand people and what is driving their behaviour.  Her expertise made me feel very comfortable as we journeyed through the life alignment session together.

At the end of the session I felt a sense of inner peace but most importantly, clarity on what I needed to do to work towards my vision and goals. I also felt I could release lots of negative energy, anger and resentment I had harboured from the past.   Letting go is incredibly liberating and that’s what Sharon’s life alignment session helped me achieve. It’s definitely something I recommend to people I know.

home alignment

Director, Own Business

 My perception of my home changed, I look at my home differently, in that one needs to shift the energy and to acknowledge and love the home no matter its physical condition and all the maintenance it needs. I recommend a Home Alignment is valuable, you become aware of your home, surroundings and the experience is truly beneficial in looking at things differently and to notice how things change. The simplicity and effectiveness of the treatments are amazing and to experience the harmony thereafter.  Sharon was truly awesome and a great and patient listener. Getting the issues and concepts across in a way that is understandable and explaining in detail.

Netta – Pretoria

Ek het Sharon In Julie 2017 ontmoet nadat ek vyf jaar lank onophoudelik ernstige elektriese en waterprobleme in my nuwe huis ondervind het. Met my industriële gebou wat verhuur word, het dit ook nie goed gegaan nie. Onkostes aan kontrakteurs en die vervanging van elektriese toebehore het groot finansiële uitgawes meegebring. Die spanning van onverwagte, onvoorspelbare krisisse in die huis het my gesondheid begin aantas. Die oorsake van die water en elektriese probleme kon selde vasgestel word.

Elektriese magnetiese energie is ‘n nuwe begrip en ‘n kopskuif moes gemaak word, maar Sharon het met haar profesionele en wetenskaplike benadering dadelik vertroue ingeboesem. Haar metodiek berus nie op’n kultus nie maar gebaseer op wetenskaplike navorsing en die toepassing daarvan.

Sedert Sharon die probleemareas in my huis en industriële gebou geidentifiseer en die areas geneutraliseer het, is ek nie meer die slagoffer van onverwagte water en elektriese krisisse nie. My huis word nou gekenmerk deur ‘n rustigheid en besoekers het positiewe terugvoer gegee.  Selfs my honde se positiewe persoonlikheidstrekke het meer na vore gekom. Sharon sal probleem troeteldiere ook kan hanteer want sy het ‘n begrip van ‘n dier se psige.

Ek het haar tydens ons werksessies leer ken as ‘n hoogs intelligente persoon wat terselftertyd oor ‘n sensitiewe persoonlikheid beskik. Sy het ‘n intuitiewe aanvoeling en insig in mense se probleme en omstandighede. Sy het ‘n rustige inslag en luister met groot geduld na probleme en het ‘n kalmerende invloed op mens se denke. Die riglyne wat sy gee, is van onskatbare waarde. Haar wonderlike humorsin dra ook by dat innerlike spanning tydens werksessies verlig word. Sy respekteer haar medemens, is diskreet en beskik oor absolute integriteit.

Sibylle Stehli – Owner at Grace-Full Living

  I have worked with Sharon twice on a home alignment, two moves in a year. It is a pleasure to work with Sharon as she works authentically and provided insights that caused many ‘aha’ moments for me. After both the alignments, my home felt more peaceful and calm. It feels to me like I truly belong in the space I call Home.
I would highly recommend this alignment because who we are in our personal lives affects who we are in all other aspects of our lives. For me it is a privilege to be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually aligned in all aspects of myself as that means that I can give the best of myself to others. My home is my sanctuary and I love it!

Peter – IR Consultant

 Hearing & understanding my partner’s frustrations with me & our home was important. Realising what needs to be done to start clearing the clutter and bringing order in the chaos. Working together with my partner; being more creative in the process and becoming aware of her needs and wants which weren’t previously expressed or heard. This process activated my creativity and I created murals on the walls which previously were dull and unattractive. To value what my partner wants – which is not necessarily what I want – and finding ways of bringing various wants to fruition.
Sharon was fun, insightful, professional, knowledgeable, has a willingness to share, listen and advise. Sharon openly shares of herself to assist in further understanding of concepts, ideas and processes. She is knowledgeable of her craft.

business alignment

Judy Robison – Director of Ucademy

Who was a finalist in the BWA Business Woman 2018, recently invested in a workshop session for her team says, “In our busy schedules we seldom take the time to sit and reflect on our personal and business goals, our purpose and our intention.

“We know we should do it, but it too often gets side-lined with more pressing daily business activities.

“The session with Sharon helped my team to remain conscious and present and has significantly impacted on our ability to remain centred, aligned and focused on achieving our goals and is having a positive impact in our personal and business contexts.”

Gavin Douglas – Reach Business Advisory

Over the past few months I have been engaging with Sharon on business and home alignments. For those who support the notion that energy surrounds us in all we do, including business, this process is amazing. Nothing can take away the fact that doing business is hard work, however, if a process such as Sharon’s can help shift your focus, as it has done mine, then I believe it is worth it. The past few months have shown a definite increase in business, invoicing and new business developments.

I have been working with Sharon for a few months. I can definitely recommend the business and home alignment process.

Jann Porter – Cruise Options

I’ve worked with Sharon in my home and business for the last year and it’s been a great experience. I’ve really enjoyed having Sharon’s support and guidance, and it’s been great to know that she cares and is always interested in what is going on with a call or a message.

It’s been a very challenging time in the business and it was great to have Sharon’s support and to be able to discuss things with her. It was also great to shift any negative energy and to see the changes as we worked on different aspects. My staff also really liked having the crystals, vision board as well as their time with Sharon and it was good for us to connect in a way that wasn’t focussed on the business. I also made small changes in terms of furniture and pictures but these made a big difference to their energy in the office.

We also worked on my home and relationship and it was beneficial to see things from a different perspective and to make small changes that had a big impact.

I love working with Sharon’s positive, colourful energy as well as her very sound business ethics and she is also very fair in all that she does; I can highly recommend working with her.

Director, Own Business

 Interestingly,  part of my Treatment/Home Work was, I needed to do a door activation every Monday in creating new business and opportunities and driving out negativity. I now worry much less about finance and focus on thinking abundantly, trusting and having faith. It has become easier for me to speak my truth to my staff with conviction and having them know exactly where I stand, without causing conflict. I am able to manage my emotions when upset and this has made a huge difference. Learning to not fret the small stuff and learn to meditate more often is now my focus for bringing in balance. Sharon assists greatly in helping me to think positively and very good at getting me to address things, think about it and using visualisation to help me in making this more real. I highly recommend a Business Alignment, it can assist you to plan better by getting unimportant yet essential tasks done, so one can focus on priority action steps. This process assisted me in becoming aware of time wasters or activities which were consuming my energy instead of moving business forward in a more constructive and meaningful way.

Elizabeth Coetzee – HR & IR Consultant

I moved from an unknowing fear position to a confident knowing conciousness. I found my purpose in life and value in my contribution towards society through this process. I found Sharon’s passion and committment astounding. She is not just a good listener but also a good problem solver and advice giver. I found that the business advice she gave me were all practical and do-able. I learnt how to be comfortable and confident within myself and within my field of expertise, both HR Consulting and Child Counselling. My big moment was the simplicity, Sharon helped me to get going and within a month I had business ideas, name and purpose. Business Alignment is a great tool to align your business with you the owner, employees and clients. Positive shifts are needed in all businesses especially when we are challenged by the global economic environment.

Natasha Lyon – Sangar Security

Working with Sharon is amazing & inspiring! She has the ability to truly understand my business & where I am at as a business owner. Both her vast business knowledge & skill and using the Business Alignment process, she has been able to assist me by helping me to obtain clarity & focus on the priority areas of my business.

Through the Business Alignment, we were able to uncover & unblock subconscious risks within my business, allowing my business to move swiftly through challenging times, creating more prosperity & flow. The process has been insightful & extremely valuable for me, my staff and the business, impacting everyone positively.

Sharon also facilitated a Home Alignment on my home and this has had major positive impacts on my well-being, relationships and home.

I highly recommend the Home & Business Alignments for people looking to find balance in this busy fast paced life we live in. It truly is life changing

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