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As we recover, reopen, and rebuild, we need to review what TRUST means for us & the value it has within humanity today. Trust is a very personal aspect, yet essential in every engagement, connection & transaction. Our future depends on us NOW building a new level of TRUST, probably a level we may not yet be familiar with. Leadership development requires TRUST on all levels, most importantly for it to become a lifestyle within each individual, a way of being. Trust distinguishes and elevates your business, it sets you & your business apart from your competitor, connecting & aligning you with the wholeness of humanity. Creating TRUST as a priority within business, starts to filter into the culture & consciousness of your people, your affiliates, your suppliers and your clients will be inspired and connected on a different level



Businesses (keeping it global) should be asking the following fundamental questions to determine what action steps to take to address business trends:

  • How can our business create informal systems to enhance the way people behave, thus enabling more innovation and solution based ideas?
  • How can our business redesign workspaces, environments and jobs to create more meaning and purpose, allowing staff to grow, flourish and align more deeply with the business vision and objectives?
  • How can our teams be placed at the centre of our business’ performance and development programmes to improve the bottom line?
  • Are our top performers and skilled staff leaving?
  • Are our people stressed, overwhelmed, living in burnout mode?

 Is there a lack of ownership and responsibility and lack of engagement?

  • Are productivity levels low and absenteeism high?
  • Are we re-skilling our people to meet future demands?

The fourth revolution – global economic and climate change, the global movement of social impact, values and ethics, meaning and purpose – are foremost of many individuals.

It is no longer about the individual themselves, it is about evolving humanity. We are living in a disruptive environment where businesses are not adapting to future trends, not re-skilling their people, and will face far more challenging obstacles going forward.

Your business is the VEHICLE through which you and your staff will fulfill an aspect of the aspired life purpose. And just like you, your business has a purpose and aspires to become something bigger, more meaningful and more impactful. Your business is a Social Impact Vehicle, and this relationship between business and its people requires strategic reinvention, focus, optimal fostering and daily aligned and engaging action to ensure all parties involved live up to the commitment, where benefits and rewards are experienced and shared, collectively.

Our aim with client engagements is to address fundamental areas linked to the sustainable growth of the business based on what the future requires: purpose, meaningful connection and passion, lower stress levels, increased and improved productivity, improved inter-personal relationships – internally and externally, improved staff morale and self-esteem, improved ownership and responsibility by individuals and teams, communication and conflict resolution, lower absenteeism, improved staff well being, increased energy levels, improved team unity, improved bottom line results, more innovative and value based engagements, more focus and clarity on decision-making and openness to future change.

Mindfulness is about generating greater mental effectiveness and learning how to access your potential on both a professional and personal level, through neuroscience and a greater understanding and management of Self.

The skills-based organization: A new operating model for work and the workforce

The most fundamental building block of work—the job—could be hampering many organizations. Instead, many are now applying skills-based models to meet the demand for agility, agency, and equity

Despite this overall move, fewer than one in five are adopting skills-based approaches to a significant extent: across the organization, and in a clear and repeatable way. These early skills-based pioneers are achieving better business results than those with jobs-based practices (figure 2). This indicates that those who’ve adopted skills-based approaches to a significant extent are building organizational models that better align to their organizations’ needs—and workers’ expectations—today.

Through cultivating Self-Leadership on multiple levels, you are able to access new opportunities to create a more focused intention, influence your communication, behaviours and beliefs, embodying an improved version of yourself. This directly impacts the business and its bottom line. No longer is your environment controlling you – instead, you are positively influencing your environment from this higher potential Self.

Our integrated experiential processes is inspired by global leaders like Otto Scharmer, Yehuda Tagar, and Nancy Kline.

Core Programmes we offer: 2-day workshops with a maximum of 20 delegates per group.

Level 1:

  • Presencing – accessing more mind clarity and focus for business.
  • Leading Self – personal mastery and personal branding.
  • Leading Business – optimising environments and channels.

Level 2:

  • Organisational Centricity and Culture – aligning to purpose and personal mastery.
  • Communication and Conflict Resolution – addressing the unspoken emotional field.

Our programmes include:

  • 1-hour Management Consultation regarding challenges and objectives.
  • 1-hour Pre-work and connect with staff – creating trust and safety.
  • 1-hour Management/HR brief on the outcome and recommendations.
  • 30-minute Mentor sessions per attendee on site or Skype.
  • Brief report and recommendations to Management.

Is your business aspiring to achieve this?

With healthier mindsets and driven by a collective purpose, businesses and their people have a stronger ability for social and economic impact.

Our clients, now our friends, are testimony of the impact our approach has: Cubiclce; WNS – U-Cademy; Clonard Distant Learning; Cruise Options; Dementia SA; Popcorn Training; HK Enterprises; African Kaleidoscope Events; Reach Business Advisory; Aspire Youth; EARTH Centre.

We are based in KZN South Africa & work globally.

I have worked with the following:

African Bush Camps • Africa Legacy Holdings • Reputation Matters • DementiaSA • Decorstone Kzn • Silence Speaks Health Centre • Humphrey Gumpo Specialised Safaris • Bergplaas Nature Reserve • Ballito TV • Sneaker LAB • Power Fashion (Mr Price Group) • Coastal Premier • SPAR CO • Vineyard Hotel • Oude Werf Hotel • Enchanted Earth • PowerInfra • Lincoln Advisory • EARTH Centre Jhb • Daughters on Loan • L & D Salt • Pineapple House Boutique Hotel • Sean le Sueur Accounting • White Lotus Oneness • Maison Reyjeane Dezign • Hospice • Green Bottles • Kis • V & A Waterfront Conference Centre • WeTech • African Kaleidoscope • Swartriet  Resort, Jacobs Bay • Hirsch’s • WeCloud • Afrimontane


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