Hi, I am Sharon

I help individuals & businesses Build their Dreams

We look at the world today, business, family life & individuals and we can clearly see that life as a whole is out of alignment. Chasing things on the outside are often & in most cases, short lived. In order to create true sustainability of/for life, we need to go within. People today are far too affected by their environment, be it toxins, people or media, groups or actual geographical positioning. Somewhere on the journey of life, we lost our connection to Self & what is True to Self. Blaming our boss, the economy or our spouse is not the answer, nor the cause, however, it may be a result of something very different.

It has taken me many years to clear out childhood experiences which left emotional scars in my adult life, affecting my relationships, the way I interacted within business & at the same time brought great short lived success in corporate, until I discovered a process & tool to accelerate the process. The experience is there, yet the emotional charge no longer triggers or controls my life. Now viewing my experiences from a new healthier perspective helps me create a more sustainable way of life.

One thing we need to realise is, “The journey never ends”. Self-Cultivation is a constant experience, every day, be it in our quiet time alone, be it at home or at work. If we bury the unpleasant experiences, they simply remain in our consciousness & will manifest in the most unforeseen & expected ways.

All the work I do revolves around Thoughts & Perceptions, tapping into neuroscience to access the True You or Create a better version of You. When we access the Truth of who we are, use the tools we have acquired, our outer world & reality plays out better than it would have before. Nothing in science is constant, everything is changing, even our body regenerates itself.

With over 30 years corporate experience, dealing with stress, pressure, people dynamics, executive demands & client demands, I have come to realise the importance of being present, connecting from within Self. Businesses want sustainable profitability along with organic expansion & this comes with stepping out of the comfort zone & using proven yet innovative approaches.

“By focusing on the desired outcome of Self, the Business, everyone wins. The alignment of personal purpose & business purpose has to take place in order to achieve a collective desired outcome”

Dr Joe Dispenza