Effective & impactful leaders are essential for all organisations, if they intend to remain in business. To operate & compete both locally and globally, leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs today must lead by example & support their people with proven tools & processes to be successful.

Leaders today require excellent people skill & understanding and the ability to create inspiring and motivational environments for their people to flourish within. They are clear in their communication, goals, and execution thereof, through listening & inclusion of their people & customers.

Through the LMI programs you can move someone who is an ordinary producer to an effective leader.  

We have entry level programs for people who have had no previous training through to programs for CEOs, including programs specifically designed for women in business.

The Leadership programs can range from 3 months to 12 months, dependant of the number of people and program.

After purchasing the EPL, Effective Personal Leadership program myself, I experienced the results within the first 2 weeks of starting the program. It was as if my brain switched on after being dormant for a few months. The enthusiasm & excitement grew as I started setting very clear & specific goals, as I was setting these goals, I started experiencing results through tapping into my potential & being focused . WOW!!! This was self-motivating in many ways & helped me priorities my set goals and create new goals

What I love about all the LMI programs is, it focuses strategically on the 6 core areas of life, 6  important areas we all experience, with a step by step approach with practical worksheets,  bringing the whole person into a fuller purposeful & happier individual through changing behaviours.

Using the LMI program as a base framework from which to work, I blend my mindful approach of coaching, facilitation & therapy into each lesson. The ability to understand individuals, to sense what they may be feeling through the observation of their behaviour, body language & vocabulary, asking enquiring questions, assists me in guiding them on a journey of deeper self-discovery. Discovering, understanding & accepting self is the foundation of personal responsibility and only then are we able to step into our true authenticity & engage from s powerful place

Through a Business Alignment process, it may be that we identify productivity, sales is low or that there is internal conflict and/or a poor attitude. This is ideal for a client to view the LMI programs particularly designed to address these challenges and turn the negative into positive results for both the individual & business

Working through an LMI program, it may be evident that an individual has personal challenges at home, this may lead into facilitating a Home Alignment to resolve personal relationship or health concerns.

The LMI program is about the individual identifying unhealthy behaviours which block him/her from living their best life, using my alignment therapy, trauma & stress counselling and emotional healing techniques & tools, EQ coaching, I am able to support the whole of an individual in making progressive shifts & transformation

Creating a safe space for someone to share without judgement or criticism and truly listening and hearing that person, may be what enables that person to transform

Facilitating LMI coaching, especially group on site at Chandramala is extremely powerful, relaxing & transformational. I draw on the healing & transformational teachings from Nature. “Nature takes the path of least resistance & its only purpose is to flourish”. When people are in a safe and relaxed environment which supports their natural desire to become better, they able to BE and this is where the magic happens. Nature instantly makes us feel better

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