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Business Alignment

A business is a living organism with purpose & desires, just like you and I.

Working on the floor plan of a business, we establish the location of the business heart and the heartbeat of the business. Through a dialogue process with the business owner or directors, we look at the root cause & emotional blocks resulting in the low heartbeat & challenges the business faces, using my emotional charts.

In the initial session, we will look at the vision, mission statements, business values and departmental & industry challenges. This process is one where each person participating, has an opportunity to reflect on their own inner dynamics in relation to the business challenges, using my Nature & Neuroscience cards for deeper clarity.

Through a business alignment, conflict situations, recruitment issues, productivity and profitability issues may be addressed, and solutions created. A business alignment leaves owners & directors feeling more positive, optimistic, energised & focused.

Tools I use in a business alignment are Design Thinking, LMI Leadership, Intuitive Leadership and EQ Coaching.

The initial session is 4hrs and based on the outcome of this session, may require additional sessions of 2hrs periodically, dependant on where the business is and what depth the challenges are at.

Let me help you with your Business Alignment