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Conflict Resolution

We often look at resolving conflict with a partner, family member, colleague or team member from the perspective of who is right & who is wrong. As we start this beautiful and empowering process, each person then has the opportunity to reflect within, observe the other person, practice self-observation and question their opinion or belief around the subject matter.

Once we have had the opportunity to do this, we often realise it is not about who is right or wrong, who’s idea is chosen or who wins, it is more about how we can create a solution together.

I use EQ coaching tools during this process as we uncover the origin of the conflict, often it may stem from within an individual, reflecting outside of them. Once we have a true understanding of the conflict, we have a clearing pathway in resolving it internally & externally.

Conflict Resolution sessions may require fortnightly sessions until there is a solid base of empathy, understanding and acceptance of each other and a common agreed goal.

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