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Couple Development

This process is a delicate and often raw experience for a couple as we address the root cause of the challenge at hand

Prior to the couple session, I will schedule 3 – 6 individual sessions with everyone to have a clear understanding of where they are at emotionally & mentally and how they perceive themselves, their partner & current situation to be.

Part of the individual sessions is to use EQ & leadership coaching tools & methodologies to assist the person in clearing past perceptions of self & others which may not have been true, but an assumption. Once the person is stronger within & more aligned with their truth, I shall suggest the couple session.

In the couple & individual sessions I focus on the quality, type of communication, vocabulary used, tone of voice and body language people use when talking to each other. It is important to create a non-judgmental understanding & acceptance of each other, without needing to change each other.

Let me help you with your Couple Development