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Emotional & Mental Wellbeing

Stress & trauma are no different from each other, the volume of something disrupting our equilibrium moves from stress to trauma. We all experience stress & trauma differently and the way we perceive the events leading to it will result in how stress & trauma plays out in our body and life.

We are a vessel of atoms & molecules and stress & trauma is stored in our cellular structure and therefore TRE – trauma & stress release exercise is a wonderfully powerful tool to use to free or detox the cells. I also use Life Alignment as a tool, as it is a combination of working on multiple levels at the same time – perception, body, emotions, and energy field around us.

When we re-create the story behind the stress & trauma to a positive and empowering version, the individual is freed and able to live their life more positively & joyfully.

We too often give our power away to stress and trauma.

Stress & Trauma Transformational Coaching can range from 6 months to a year with weekly or fortnightly sessions, dependant on the type of stress or trauma.

Let me help you with your Stress & Trauma