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Home Alignment

This is a wonderful couple or family process to experience where you are giving yourself & your home a Spring Clean on a whole new level, including your pets and plants.

Using the home floor plan or property plan, we establish where the heart of the home is & what the heartbeat is.

Working with the homeowner/s we look at each person’s desires, aspirations & intentions as we clear & create fresh perspective & solutions around challenges or frustrations.

Homeowners are always energised, happier, clearer on the communication in general and with each other and more focused after a Home Alignment. It’s an empowering process, leaving homeowners excited for life.

A good time for a home alignment is when you wish to sell or purchase a home or when the family has or is experiencing grief, loss, debt, overwhelm, stress and unhappiness.

This process is on average over a weekend and/or 8 to 10hrs.

Let me help you with your Home Alignment