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Team Alignment

Bringing a group of diverse individuals together to achieve a specific objective may lead to wonderful opportunities for personal development. Teams may be competitive with each other to achieve recognition, reward or positioning within an organisation. Each team member has valuable contribution, and no one is right or wrong.

As a team it is important that the environment is conducive to foster collaboration, empathy, innovation & creative problem solving. Each team member needs to be present in all of who they are, even if they happen to be the devil’s advocate. For a team to flourish & succeed, the whole of the individual needs to be present.

Values play a big role in team alignments, as we may have the same values, but they mean different things to each other. Purpose & passion is ignited and a deeper sense of adding value is often what people experience after a Team Alignment.

The initial session will be a minimum of 4hrs with follow up fortnightly sessions, until the team is aligned empathically through their values & purpose for the collective goal or objective.

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