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Working with Sharon has been an inspirational and thought provoking experience. By professionally guiding me through every aspect of my person and our business, Sharon has concisely identified areas of strength and eloquently pointed out concepts or ideas that require adjustment or additional refining.

Sharon’s thorough understanding of her process has assisted us to align with our business in a new and exciting manner by shifting our perceptions of a separate entity to that of an inclusive and successful operation. By creatively developing mission statements and setting clear personal and business intentions, it has become evident that frustrations and delays caused by mis-aligned concepts convert into inspired and motivated teamwork.

Professional and straightforward in her manner and concise in her detailed reporting, I highly recommend Sharon and her services to everyone as well as their business.

Sean le Sueur

Director - Africa Legacy Holdings

Business Alignment

I have worked with Sharon prior to Startek on aligning my business ideas & her energy & knowledge have been truly amazing. Sharon has added huge value to my life & has an incredible ability to help anyone structure their thoughts, align their priorities & achieve their desired outcomes. Sharon’s extensive knowledge of the corporate environment & daily challenges we face has assisted me in navigating our challenges & has helped me create an action plan to deliver the desired outcomes I would like to see.

Anyone who has the opportunity to engage with Sharon will truly see her ability to balance their world

Brian Bougham-Cook

Vice President of Business Development

Home Alignment & EI Development

Sharon brings through deep wisdom from the extensive journey she has travelled spiritually & couples this with pragmatic business sense & an incredible dynamic drive. She is someone you can intuitively trust & she leaves you feeling like always going back for more… I can recommend Chandramala as a credible partner around wellness, training & coaching

Simon Bold

Owner at BOLDCOM,
Executive & Renewal Coach

I met Sharon Sinclair a few years ago when she was working as a business alignment consultant for my (then) boss. From the few sessions we had together there, I knew that when the time was right for me to start my own business, Sharon would be the person I would contact. I knew then that she could mentor me to prepare my mind and spirit for pursuing my own dreams and helping me find my life’s purpose.

Sharon is an incredible blessing to all of those who are blessed to be in her presence. She combines credible business coaching with her gift of intuition and spiritual alignment. She gets to the heart of blockages standing in the way of one’s personal progress and gives practical every day advice to work through to clear those blockages. Sharon has provided me with the tools I need and introduced me to a network of like-minded business women and contacts I needed too. I had dreams but until Sharon came into my life, they were just dreams. Sharon has helped me find my purpose in life and I am now ticking off the dreams as I go and dreaming up bolder and bigger ones.

Sharon has continued to support me via correspondence and in person. She also sends motivational and inspirational messages and checks on my progress. I am in a place in my business where everything is on track and I have continually grown by incorporating what I have learned through Sharon with my own self-study. I have learned to be patient and have balance in my life. Building a sustainable business takes time, dedication and persistence. I have a long journey ahead of me, but I am confident that I know my purpose, I have direction and I have the support I need to achieve my ultimate business goals.

Michelle Rumbelow

Designer & Director

Business Alignment & EI Development

I want to share with you how much the counseling helped me to gain self-confidence, after my initial vulnerability to attend the sessions. I saw considerable opportunity to allow myself to be vulnerable & gain courage & look forward to a new me & let go of my perfectionist tendencies & fear of failure

Sifiso Masondo

National Operations Manager at
POWER FASHION (Mr Price Group)

Life Purpose Development

I had the pleasure of participating in a Business Alignment with Sharon Sinclair and can highly recommend her service on a business and personal front.  The session was relaxed with our entire team opening up on not only on a business level but on a personal level too – which shows an incredible level of trust and comfort with Sharon and the other members of the team. The people in our business are the business and this experience gave me more insight into the essence of everyone and has furthermore been a reiteration to me that we have the right team who are now aligned with the same drive and focus to take our business to the next level. The entire energy of the business has changed since our alignment with Sharon, and we are incredibly grateful to her for paving the way to a new unified outlook on our business and the actions that need to be taken for us to achieve our goals.  Personally, I received total confirmation that I am where I need to be, doing exactly what my passion is in multiple ways.  I have also come out of this experience knowing the areas of my life that I need to work on and making decisions and changes where necessary.   

Mandy Rootman

Director - Ballito TV

Business Alignment

For me personally it was an amazing experience and feeling to actually experience in person and to see how everything works with a Home Alignment.

Yes I definitely did and it was a good emotional experience to actually hear it and see how everything comes together in one picture with everything that I have been wondering about.

Yes I was so at peace and relaxed and felt like the weight on my shoulders was lifted off and now feel like a new person ready to take on the world .

Yes I did with everything Sharon shared with me, what she could sense & feel about me & where my life is going to and made me feel at ease hearing the things I actually always wanted to do in my life and now it gives me more fire inside me to do all those wonderful stuff that is planned for me in life.

I feel absolutely amazing and much better seeing life’s Bigger picture and to take charge of starting and getting on the go with my life with everything that’s been planned and feel like a new full energy person!

It was soo amazing to get started in my home, to get all areas of my home energised, ready with positive good vibes coming into my home and how we can set and do stuff to make my home feel more better and the heart rate as high as possible and to have a happy home Good vibes and just calm and positive impact having in my home my safe place .

YES it definitely impacted me in a GOOD way of having a Good and healthy relationship I feel like myself & my life partner started to get soo close as possible together and understanding each other so much better and just the feeling and the love flow is Going amazing and working in every section in our relationship! We are absolutely loving every bit off our journey together and amazing memories we are making each and every day together, knowing we on track & aligned with each other!

Anthony Fivaz

Field Engineer, KZN

Home Alignment

I was involved in a horrific motor vehicle accident and attended Sharon’s course with broken bones and bruises (on the inside as well as outside). I didn’t know what to expect. The course is hard to describe and therein lies its power. The material we covered was organic, responsive, individualized but based on sound theory of wellness. Sharon is a true healer and I felt listened to, understood, cared-for and I set off on an alternative, more positive, journey. I recommend Sharon as an intuitive, experienced guide towards a more complete life- she asked me- What are my passions? Am I following them? And the answer is now, yes.

Laura Campbell

PhD, Specialist Family Physician


After a 1.5 day-long business alignment session with Sharon – my work and life changed literally. The first thing she asked me “why do you do what you do”. Throughout the session she helped me understand the purpose and mission of my business. It gave me the kind of clarity necessary for the success of any business.

Not only did I feel confident but after knowing what I did and why – I upped my game. After that I started receiving invitations to exhibit my artwork in galleries around the world, and my writings are getting published in the top publications of the world.

She is very understanding and intuitive. She is easy going and the kind of non-judgemental person we all want to work with and confide in.

Radhika Mīa

Artepreneur & Author

Business Alignment

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